The results of the audit and measurements may be appealed. The appeal will be considered by the company’s board within 30 days, if the appeal is well-pleaded, the relevant measurements will be made in the audit report or in the measurement protocol.

If, in order to consider an appeal against the results of a technical audit, it is necessary to repeat the technical audit procedures, then in this case the audit procedures will be repeated. If it is necessary to make repeated measurements to clarify the measurement results, then the measurements will be repeated.

If the cause of the error was the poor work of an expert or a meter man, then the audit or measurement procedures will be carried out at our expense. If the cause of the error was the wrong actions of the customer (for example, providing incorrect data about the electric installation), then the re-audit or measurement procedures are carried out at the expense of the guilty party.

If the client has a need for shorter terms of consideration, please justify the need for shorter terms of appeal consideration and indicate the desired time period for consideration of the appeal. Please attach the questioned document to appeal.

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You can file a complaint about any actions and results of the work of our employees. Your complaint will be considered and we will respond to the facts indicated in the complaint.

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