Scheduled audit

You need to fill an application to make an order. Please agree on the cost of the audit by phone +37258589065 or                                                  e-mail –  We ask you to sign the application digitally and send it by e-mail.

For an audit, the Customer provides the following documents:

  • Measurement protocols (If measurements are not carried out, then our specialists will carry out
  • Design. In the absence of a design, you need to provide diagrams of the main and distribution boards. If there is no design documentation, then our experts will help the customer solve this problem.

  • Documents on modification carried out in the electric installation (builder’s declaration, hidden
    work acts, project, etc.)
  • Details of the person responsible for electrical safety and the person servicing the electric installation (Käidukorraldaja). Agreement with Käidukorraldaja.
  • The document on the basis of which the electric installation was connected to the network (Specifications, Network Services Agreement, Electricity Supply Agreement).

Our experts will always provide help if the customer has difficulties with paperwork.